Dylan Briody

Expert Liaison Specialist
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I have been in multiple roles in Ontime since joining in July 2018.  I started out as an apprentice, then a file handler looking after 300 cases and have recently progressed to my current role of Medical Liaison Specialist. This involves primarily communicating with medical experts and trying to get the very best Experts with the widest range of skills to assist in all medical and none medical Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence cases.

I have a lot of background in Retail and studied business before starting at Ontime.

I enjoy playing pool, video games and long walks on the beach. I absolutely love animals and one day dream of having my own animal sanctuary.

I love a good time especially at the weekends and I enjoy seeing my family.

I am a film buff and try to keep up with the IMDB top 250.

I often go to festivals as I love music and the electronic arts.

Favorite color is “Midnight Blue” – Favorite film is “True Romance