Hollie Butt

Medical Agency File Handler Team Leader
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Hollie has worked in on time for just over a year, starting in November 2018. Hollie started Ontime as a file handler and has since been promoted to team leader of the Ontime Employers Liability Team.

Prior to joining Ontime Reports Hollie was working in the head office of a very large pet supply company. She thoroughly enjoyed this but moved to Ontime for a more fast paced and challenging


Hollie is hard working and very passionate about her role. As team leader she shares the daily work load within the team and ensures everyone is working to achieve their full potential and exceed their targets. Hollie ensures she meets her deadlines and that her work is completed to the highest standards. She stands by her belief that good leaders, lead by example. Hollie is a valued member of the team and always brings a smile into the office.

Hollie likes to spend most of her time outside of work with her family and friends. Hollie comes from a large family with 7 brothers and Hollie being the only girl. Hollie has a husband, a little girl and a bulldog. Hollies family mean the world to her and are her motivation to be the best she can be. Hollie will always talk about her daughter and her funny antics with her colleagues which always make them laugh.

Travelling is a big passion of Hollie’s and she has passed this on to her little girl. Together they have travelled to Thailand, Vietnam and a number of other beautiful places. Hollie has always enjoyed travelling and enjoys exploring the different cultures that each country has to show.

Hollie also enjoys reading she will ask around the office for recommendations and loves the office library.