Olivia Walley

Medical Agency File Handler Team Leader
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Olivia joined our team in April 2017 as a file handler having worked in a solicitors for two years. Her experience has been invaluable in her current role as she appreciates the importance of working to the confinements of tight deadlines. Olivia has been rewarded for her hard work by a promotion to Team leader of the Ontime OL/PL team. Olivia is able to draw on her previous experience when training new and current members of our team. She enjoys being able to manage her own team and providing knowledge on all processes and skills required at Ontime Reports.

Olivia likes spending time with her friends, family and going on days out. She really enjoys listening to music, eating great food and drinks. One of my favorite hobbies is cleaning and in my spare time I love to clean my home and organize things. I also have a slight obsession for buying cleaning products, I am Ontime’s very own Mrs Hinch!