My Whole Self Day

Ontime are really enjoying participating in ‘My Whole Self Day’ with many of the team coming into work in clothes that reflect what we wear to relax out of work. In our morning huddle various team members shared why they have worn their chosen outfit and how this reflects our whole self. Vicky Whitby shared ‘I live in Active Wear, this is because I find it comfortable as well as for fitness. I enjoy running and find that I feel most like my whole self when I am pounding the streets and processing my thoughts.’ Jane Holding shared ‘I lost my mother a few years ago and have recently lost my father.  I now find myself in a period of discovering what my whole self might be. Having spent the last 40 years being a mum and carer for my parents I am a bit of a loss as to where I am needed and what my role in life is. This is both a little daunting and an opportunity to try something new.’

The team have taken part in the Express/Ontime raffle to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation and completed a Word search devised by Jaymee Leigh McKew on of our file handlers. The Word search was a good screen-break activity, that included everyone and even brought out a healthy competitive streak in some of the team. It has been an excellent distraction from the concerns everyone has about Coronavirus. It is more important than ever at this time to look after ourselves, each other and stay as positive as possible.

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“Ontime goes above and beyond” Craig Phillips of Express Solicitors

Thank you so much Andrea Lomas. You are going above and beyond here. Thanks

Craig Phillips  Express Solicitors.

The client in this case now resides overseas and was only back in the country for one week. Express really needed the client to be seen by an expert during their stay in the UK. Andrea managed to source a suitable expert who could see the client in the tight frame. Another success story for Ontime Reports.

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Great Review from Adam Nowell of Express Solicitors

I wanted to thank you Gary Cope for resolving the issue regarding the missing pages from the GP records. I know it was causing issues from your side and it could have resulted in us having a problem when trying to comply with the Courts directs. You resolved it immediately, which I thank you for.

Adam Nowell

Express Solicitors

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Great Review from Jennifer Lutton Express Solicitors

Thank you to Ontime for managing to locate an expert in an area which is difficult to find suitable experts. As the case had been issued we were under a tight deadline and we really appreciate all that you did to ensure that the medical report came in on time.


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Meet Lucy Shuli – Medical Agency Administrator

I have been working for Ontime Reports since November 2016 after previous experience working in Manchester City Centre as an administrator for a finance company and online retail company.

I started my education in England until the age of five when I moved to France with my family. I endured a baptism of fire entering the French school system as a non-speaker of the French language. I soon became fluent in the French language and continued my education up to baccalaureate.

Prior to moving back to England, I worked for an international defence company for a European base in Normandy.

 My hobbies include listening to a diverse range of musical genre from rock music including French rock to Irish traditional music being from an Irish family.

A few of my favourite bands are Green Day, Oasis, Jimmy Eat World and The High Kings.

I have a high interest in both civil and criminal law and problem solving.

I also maintain my connections with the French culture by keeping in touch with my friends and family in France.

One of my favourite quotes is “Don’t be sad because said backwards is das, and das not good.”


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Meet Rebecca Stevens Manager of Ontime Reports

Rebecca’s background of theatre and dental nursing enables her to guide a team of experienced individuals who understand that selecting the right expert is vital to the success of a claim.

Having worked with Ontime as a Medical Records Analyst for 3 years, Rebecca became Manager 12 months ago. Since that time she has focused on refining Ontime’s methods of nominating experts to ensure that we find the right match for each case. Read More »

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Meet Amy Hall our expert Liaison Specialist

“We want to ensure that whether it is an Orthopaedic Consultant in Dumfries or a Physiotherapist in Cornwall Ontime can provide the right specialist for our clients” Amy’s image here

Amy joined our team just over a year ago with the task of increasing our panel of medico legal specialists. Using resources such as Specialist Info, Linked In and the UK Register of Expert Witnesses, Amy constantly looks to source experienced medical professionals in all areas of the United Kingdom to increase our diverse panel. Read More »

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Getting to know Hillie Buller

I have been working for Ontime Reports since 2014 and feel very lucky to be able to work from my home in Kent with the occasional visit to the office in Manchester to have a catch up with the team.

My background is in Intensive Care  nursing with Cardiology, Cardiothoracic, Renal and Trauma experience as well.

I had a prolonged break from working in the clinical setting due to raising two children and am lucky to have found  work that fits around my home life and that uses my nursing knowledge. Read More »

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Great Review from Tom Pinney Express Solicitors

“I would thoroughly recommend Ontime Reports. They offer all their clients a very high level of client care. They are always happy and willing to answer the phone to assist in any aspect of a case: from liaising with clients to arrange appointments to chasing up reports and records.


Their staff go above and beyond to help both professional and lay clients alike. Thank you and keep up the good work.”


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Ontime Reports Joins MedCo

As many of you may already be aware, from 6th April 2015 all initial medical reports for soft tissue injury claims bought under the RTA protocol must be sourced through the MedCo portal. Upon submission to the portal you will have the option to select either a Medical Reporting Organisation (MRO) or a Medical Expert from a randomly generated list to produce your medical report.

Ontime Reports are delighted to announce that it is registered with MedCo and you will have the opportunity to select Ontime Reports if it is presented to you in your random selection of providers.

Read More »

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