Meet Karen Edwards

Karen Edwards is a Medical Records Analyst at Ontime Reports. Karen is a fully qualified registered general nurse and has over 29 years’ experience working for the NHS. Karen’s last position was that of a Nurse Practitioner which she held for over 11 years, providing advanced clinical skills and expertise. This has given Karen the knowledge and expertise required to handle responsibilities at Ontime Reports such as; case vetting, medical records sorting, pagination, and the production of medical chronologies for both personal injury and clinical negligence matters. Karen is a valued member of the Ontime Reports team and to get to know her on a personal level we asked her a few questions about herself: Read More »

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Laura Peters Takes Part in Charity Collection for Stockport Cerebral Palsy Society

On Saturday 7th February, Senior Customer Service Administrator, Laura Peters, volunteered to take part in a collection at Stockport County Football Club.  The team managed to raise close to £400.00 which has been donated to Stockport Cerebral Palsy Society.

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Christmas Opening Hours 2014

Find out what Ontime Reports’ opening hours are over this year’s festive period.
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Laura Peters Volunteers for Local Befriending Scheme

Senior Customer Service Advisor, Laura Peters, has volunteered for a local befriending scheme called the Generation Project. The project aims to reduce isolation and loneliness in elderly residents in the Wythenshawe and Northenden area.

Laura meets a local elderly resident on a weekly basis as well as making regular phone calls. When asked why she took part in the Generation project scheme, Laura commented: “I think it’s important to invest time (not just money) in our community- you can’t buy friendship and human interaction. Plus I have old grandparents and I’d like to think that if they are lonely someone would be there for them. I had a new year’s resolution to double my volunteering hours so better late than never! As a generation we are living longer, we’re all going to end up old one day and the demand is so high for this, I would encourage anyone to get involved!”

Laura visits a lady in her early 90s who has lived in the same house since 1930. Laura explains: “I really enjoy my visits; I get to hear about all of her memories being in the house and during the war. She tells me about her trade as a high class dressmaker and all the wedding dresses she has handmade! Unfortunately she had to give this up to work in a factory making weaponry during the war. She has no immediate family apart from a niece who lives far away so it can be very lonely at home on her own.”

When asked what she enjoys about the befriending scheme, Laura answered: “I love that I make a small difference to someone’s life- it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside! I love that I’ve made a friend and learnt so much about the local area, the war and how things used to be around here. The hardest part is leaving her each week!”

You can find out more information about the Generation Project by following this link:

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Ontime Reports Welcomes New Starters

Over the past couple of weeks, Ontime Reports has recruited a number of new employees to join its ever-expanding team. Lucy Anderson, Colum Hobern, Michael Jones, and Stephen Bottomley have all joined as Medical Agency Administrators. Stephen brings with him a wealth of experience having previously worked at the General Medical Council as an International Applications Advisor.

Ontime Reports prides itself on fostering talent and all of our new starters have undertaken a variety of training sessions including telephone and Proclaim software training. The new starters have also spent time shadowing other members in the team to gain and in-depth insight into the scope of work completed for our clients.

Ontime Reports are always on the lookout for talented individuals who have a passion for providing an excellent service to our clients as well as helping injured people.  If you want to find out more, please email your CV with a covering letter to

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Ontime Employees Take Part in Caketober

On Friday 31st October, employees at Ontime Reports took part in Caketober to raise money for Forever Manchester. Caketober is a month long celebration of cakes and fancy dress where companies put on a bake sale and dress down day to raise funds for Forever Manchester.










There were some fabulous and very tasty cakes produced by Ontime staff and the effort put in to them was outstanding. All of the cakes were judged and 1st prize was awarded to Rebecca Stevens for her wonderful witch cake and 2nd prize was awarded to Karen Edwards for her individually designed cupcakes.

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Megan and Jake Raise £800 for the North West Air Ambulance Charity

On Saturday 11th October 2014, Megan Crehan and Jake Hacking jumped out of a plane at 15,000ft to raise money for Ontime Groups’ nominated charity – North West Air Ambulance.

The two Ontime employees took to the skies at Black Knights Parachute Centre in Lancaster to complete the jump. By completing the jump, the pair managed to raise an impressive £800 which has been donated to the North West Air Ambulance Charity.

The North West Air Ambulance has been providing emergency life-changing care 365 days a year to 8 million people across the North West for the past 15 years. Thanks to their team of 3 helicopters, doctors and paramedics can provide effective treatment within crucial minutes of a serious injury of illness. They deal with a wide range of medical emergencies, from industrial or farming accidents and mountaineering falls to road traffic accidents, medical collapses and sporting injuries.

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This Week’s Interesting Cases

It’s been another busy week at Ontime Reports. Below are a few examples of cases we are working on at the moment.

  • A high value Clinical Negligence claim whereby a GP misdiagnosed a tumour behind our client’s eye. Our client has unfortunately lost their sight at 28 years old; this late diagnosis has also affected our clients hearing ability. Liability has been admitted.
  • An Employer’s Liability claim whereby our client has required two operations on their ankle after falling at work in a warehouse. They have since had some metal plates removed from their leg and surgeons are working towards fusing the bones in the ankle back together. We have helped this client with every X-ray, MRI scan, CT scan, a specialist walking boot, and physiotherapy.


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Farewell to James Molloy, Good Luck to Jenna Buckley

Ontime Reports wishes farewell to its long standing Manager – James Molloy. James has moved back to his hometown of Bristol and the company wishes him all the best in his future career.

To fill his boots, Jenna Buckley has been promoted to Medical Agency Manager. Jenna joined Ontime Reports in December 2012, and comments: “I am honoured that Ontime Reports have put their trust in me to lead into 2015 with a new and determined focus.

“I look forward to the new challenges ahead of me and will continue the hard work of my predecessor.”

Jenna’s promotion to Medical Agency Manager highlights Ontime Reports’ commitment to internal training and staff development. Jenna is already hard at work in her new role and is liaising with the IT department to implement automated systems to increase efficiency.

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Whiplash Reform – Fixed Costs for Medical Reports

New rules to fix the costs of obtaining medical reports in low-value personal injury claims arising from road traffic accidents came into force on 1 October 2014. Minister for State Justice, Lord Faulks QC, believes that fixing costs for medical reports in whiplash claims is an integral step towards controlling litigation costs.

The new rules will mean that:

  • The fee for the first report is to be fixed at £180.
  • If recommended and justified by the initial expert a second report can be completed. Fixed costs for these include (£180) GP/physiotherapist, (£360) emergency consultant, and (£420) orthopaedic surgeon.

The cost of obtaining a further report from an expert not listed above is not fixed but any cost incurred must be justified.

Ontime Reports is well-equipped to face the new challenges this reform brings and despite the difficulties in creating meaningful medical reports for £180, the company will continue to offer an excellent service to its clients.

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